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Tongue splitting

Tongue splitting


Tongue splitting poses serious risk to health, say surgeons


Doctors warn about 'horrific consequences' of growing tongue-splitting craze | The Irish Post

Split Tongue by Arseniy Andersson

Extreme Body Modification: Tongue Splitting (Warning: Graphic content)

Tongue splitting poses serious risk to health, say surgeons | Society | The Guardian

Tongue splitting: Surgeons warn of serious health risks

Tongue Splitting, Nipple Excision, And Ear Removal: Why Prosecute The Operator But Not The Customer?

Ten rock solid reasons why I'm getting my tongue split, and why you should be considering #comittothesplit yourself!

Tongue Splitting

Tongue splitting: What is it and what are the health risks?

Tongue Splitting

Here is a pic from today.

A woman with a pierced tongue

Blonde With Split Tongue

Split tongues


New Body Fashion -- Tongue Splitting

Split tongue

Image showing a 25-year-old New York tattoo artist who had his tongue split as a form of body art. Chip East/Reuters

Fresh Pierced Tongue Closeup Image

tongue splitting

#6. Weed out the judge judgy judgers.

Thousands of people have undergone body-modifications to have their tongue fork at the end

Thousands of people have undergone body-modifications to have their tongue fork at the end

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Scientists warn of the risks of 'tongue-splitting' trend that sees people cut their tongue in HALF - Mirror Online

Figure 1

Tongue splitting

Tongue splitting and terrible shocking complications of this popular trend you don't know


Tongue Splitting

Splitting Your Tongue With A Scalpel | Body Mods

Piercings and tongue splitting


Tentacles + Teacups

Tongue Splitting

Braintree man appears on TV after tongue splitting procedure

Having my tongue split has just been this continuous cycle of people asking me to show them tricks with my tongue,and trying to grab things with my ...

10 Badass Ladies With Sensual Split Tongues

Struggling to breathe and swallow is also cited among dangerous consequences of tongue-splitting (

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Beautician with tattoos over 70 per cent of her body gets her EYEBALLS tattooed blue

James Reeve-Shillito / mediadrumworld.com. “

I dried my tongue so I could get a good hold of it (it's normally very slippery when wet). I then grabbed the halves with my fingers and pulled, hard.

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Tongue Splitting

Tongue Splitting

tongue completely split

Tongue Splitting

A Modified Man in the Air Force [The Publisher's Ring] | BME: Tattoo, Piercing and Body Modification News

Tattoos, Burlesque, and Daily Life: Tongue Split update - Day 0 and Day 1

My piercings are healing nicely. Its been 2 weeks, still not fully healed but getting there.I love my mouth now. I love my tongue split

Parents arrested for splitting 14-month-old son's tongue with scissors, officials say

Tongue splitting

Sure, you can roll your tongue, but can you do that?

Tongue Split

Surgeons warn of risks involved with tongue splitting :Dental Tribune UK & Ireland

Tongue Splitting

Split ...

You really find it appealing?


Tongue splitting. cutting the tongue, one type of modification of the human body.

Healed tongue split on @ava_neiss Interested in tongue splitting

Extreme Body Modifications: Tongue Splitting

Tongue Splitting


Tongue-splitting 'Dr Evil' on Trial


Tongue Splitting

Tongue Split: Day 8! // Stitches out!

cutting tongue

Surgeons warn about the dangers of tongue splitting

Tongue splitting is a popular form of body modification

tsp6.jpg ...

What do you think of tongue splitting?


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Tongue splitting diary, Day 18

Procedure: In order to get her tongue split into two, Allie enlisted the services

Looking at the photos below, is tongue splitting something you would ever consider? Apparently, the tongue acts as two separate muscles, so it can have ...

Tongue Splitting

Tongue Splitting

Piercing and tongue splitting are forms of body art and self-expression in today's society. However, mouth piercings, which involve the tongue, lips, ...

*6DOO* bento tongue splitting

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ritualistically piercing, skewering, or slicing tongue and mouth

Cute Tongue Splitting Piercing Picture