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Tailorbird facts

Tailorbird facts


common tailorbird

Common Tailorbird

Common Tailorbird

Common Tailorbird is well adapted to humans. The species is common and widespread in its range, and not threatened.

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Tailor Bird: Interesting Facts

Long-billed tailorbird in hand -critically endangered

Common Tailorbird is resident, and breeds in South Asia, from Pakistan and India to South China, and Indonesia. It can be found up to 1600 metres of ...

A Common Tailorbird working on its nest, using its beak as a needle and spider web, plant fibres or grass to stitch the leaves together.


The tailorbird owes its name to the female's extraordinary sewing skills. Using her bill as a needle, she stitches one or more leaves into a pouch to form ...

Common Tailor Bird

Most Amazing & Interesting Facts About Tailorbird ...

The Common Tailorbird or Orthotomus sutorius is a songbird found across tropical Asia. Tailor bird , basically does a bit of sewing to make its nest, ...

Common tailorbird

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Cambodian tailorbird

Cambodian Tailorbird (© Ashish John / WCS)

New ...

Tailor bird in its nest

Common Tailorbird

We can find a similar species, the Ashy Tailorbird (orthotomus ruficeps) with red face. It is grey overall and has shorter tail.

The Ashy Tailorbird (Orthotomus ruficeps) is found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia,

Cambodian Tailorbird

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Tailor Bird or Darzi chiriya vocalizes during nesting

[Animal Art - Kitchen Bert] Common Tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius) {!-

It is common, mostly in the lowlands, but can range as high as 5000ft. It is found in most habitats with thick cover and can often be found in urban parks ...

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A tailorbird with the nest materials it had gathered.

Grey-backed tailorbird

... the common tailorbird readily adapts to human habitation and benefits from jungle clearance, a process detrimental to many other animals.


Cambodian Tailorbird (© Ashish John / WCS)

Cambodian Tailorbird

Tailor Bird vocalizes heavily in nesting season

Is this a Tailor Bird Nest? Yes!

He was a Tailorbird sewing a nest for himself and his mate.

Common Tailor Bird

A Bird in the bush The tailorbird lives in undergrowth that springs up in forest clearings

The Making of Tailorbird's Nest

4. Dark Necked Tailor Bird ...

A tailorbird manages to capture its prey, a large insect Should you visit Sungei Buloh Nature Park between January and June, try spotting the tailorbirds in ...

Gray wren-warbler (Calamonastes simplex)

Olive-backed Tailorbird ...

The bird is named for its habit of sewing two leaves together to make a cup in which it builds its nest. The latin binomial means 'straight-edged cobbler', ...

Cambodian Tailorbird discovered in Phnom Penh

Common Tailorbird performs short, quick darting flights.

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In culture[edit]

Mountain Tailorbird, Phyllergates cuculatus, Crocker Range, Borneo, Malaysia | Bird Stockphotos

Photo of a male tailorbird attending to his young.

The Cambodian Tailorbird, recently discovered hanging out in Phnom Penh. (James Eaton/

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Common tailorbird


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Rufous-tailed tailorbird

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Birds- Tailor Bird; 2.

Kicau Burung Cinenen Merah II Rufous-tailed tailorbird

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Ashy Tailorbird

Common Tailorbird; Equilibrium

A black-headed tailorbird.

Blue‐winged pitta

Cape Weaver (Ploceus capensis), Western Cape, South Africa by Dorit Bar-

3. Common Tailor Bird ...

Tailor Bird(PIDDI)Singing or Distress Calling.

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Did ...

Kicau Burung Cinenen Kelabu II Ashy tailorbird

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Roosting tailorbird

weaver bird photo

Sastrecillo filipino - Philippine Tailorbird - Philippinenschneidervogel - Couturière à calotte rousse

This photo shows a nest that was lovingly stitched together by a tailorbird using fibers from


“The tailor bird of India has a beak like a sewing needle. As thread, it uses silk from cobwebs, cotton from seeds, and fibers of tree bark.

tailor bird

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... February 2014 · Welcome swallow. Immature, perched with spider in its bill.

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Grey-backed ...

(Owen Deutsch) Common tailorbirds are found throughout tropical Asia and are well-known for making their nests

A tailorbird feeding an obviously hungry brood of fledglings.

Rufous-tailed Tailorbird (see how small it is, relative to the hand holding it)

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